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Mercedes Leases

Mercedes automobiles are manufactured by Mercedes Benz, a division of Daimler AG headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The company produces trucks, buses, and auto engines in addition to its famous luxury cars.

Mercedes vehicles are part of the high-end lease market along with other luxury models such as BMW and AUDI. There is a huge demand for leasing these cars in the upmarket business and finance scene.

Lease Offers Direct from Mercedes

Mercedes Benz Financial (MBF) offers convenient programs for consumers seeking to lease a Mercedes Benz vehicle. The First Class Lease program offers a customized lease to suit specific customer needs. The program takes the individual driving profile into account and includes leeway for extra mileage. The lease period ranges from 24 to 60 months, and the program includes brand new as well as pre-owned vehicles.

The First Class Finish program includes various options for the end of the lease period. The vehicle may be returned, the lease extended under current conditions, or redrawn under new ones. Additionally, the customer can make arrangements to purchase the vehicle.

The Mercedes Benz lease program does not mandate a security deposit for a normal lease transaction, but they do offer a Multiple Security Deposit under which the customer pays 10 refundable deposits which bring down the monthly payments and will be refunded at the end of lease.

MBF also has a one-time payment option that precludes monthly payments and automatically results in discounted rates. Alternatively, there is the option of direct debit payments made directly from the customer's bank account.

Mercedes Models Currently in Production

Mercedes W221, an impressive luxury sedan, is considered the flagship vehicle of the company. It comes with an option of three engines: V6, V8, and V12, a 7-speed automatic transmission, and a stylish exterior design.

The other models currently being manufactured are:

  • A-Class Hatchback
  • B-Class Sports/ Hatchback
  • C-Class Sedan, Sports coupe, Wagon
  • CL-Class Coupe Cabriolet
  • CLS-Class compact car
  • E-Class Sedan, Wagon
  • G-Class Cross-country
  • GL-Class SUV
  • GLK-Class SUV
  • M-Class SUV
  • R-Class Sport
  • S-Class Sedan
  • SL-Class Roadster
  • SLK-Class Roadster
  • SLK- McLaren Coupe, Roadster

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