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Lexus Leases

Lexus, which is produced by Toyota, is a luxury car brand that was launched in 1989. They are thought of as a brand that is high-performing, sleek, and costly.

In 2008, based on a consumer satisfaction survey conducted by JD Powers and Associates, Lexus' financial services were rated "Above Average" and their application/approval process was rated "Among the Best." The study collected feedback from almost 28,000 customers who bought or leased new vehicles in 2008.

Lease Offers Directly from Lexus

Lexus offers a number of different lease options directly to its customers through participating Lexus dealers. These range in length from 24 to 60 months and interest rates vary. Lease options include a low-mileage program, leases on pre-owned vehicles, a college graduate program, a military discount program, and a program for customers who have previous leased a vehicle through Lexus. Requirements for eligibility vary by dealership.

Lexus Models Currently in Production

Lexus models that are currently in production include:

  • Sedans: LS09, GS09, ES09 and IS09
  • Hybrids: GS Hybrid, LS Hybrid and RX Hybrid
  • Luxury Utility: GX, RX and LX
  • Convertibles: IS C and SC
  • F Performance: IS F

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