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Ford Leases

The Ford Motor Company is a global American venture headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. It was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and is presently the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world, based on worldwide sales.

The luxury car lease market is dominated by European imports, especially from Germany. The list of top ten most commonly leased cars does not include any American models. Alternately, Time Magazine lists the 1995 Ford Explorer and the 2000 Ford Excursion among its 50 worst cars of all time.

Lease Offers Direct from Ford

Ford Motor Credit Company is in charge of the financial aspect of the Ford Motor Company. It takes care of services such as providing loans and leases to consumers and lines of credit to dealerships selling Ford products.

There are many options available when it comes to leasing a Ford vehicle. Two popular options are the 36- and 39-month plans. At the end of the lease period, customers can either return the vehicle to the originating dealer or buy it at a pre-determined price. There is the added option of leasing a new Ford vehicle.

The Ford WearCare program offers additional benefits when leasing a vehicle, including a $2500 safeguard against expenses incurred due to wear and tear during the lease period, which may not be covered by insurance.

Ford Models Currently in Production

Some models currently in production in North America are the:

  • Ford Focus: a compact car available in the form of a 3-door hatchback (ZX3), a 4-door sedan (ZX4), and a 5-door hatchback (ZX5).
  • Ford Fusion; a mid-size car produced since 2006.
  • Ford E-Series vans: full-sized vans used both as a cargo and passenger vehicle introduced in 1961 and the only one of its kind in the Ford line-up.
  • Ford Galaxy: a large MPV that was first produced in 1995. The third generation Mk III is still in production.
  • Ford Edge: a premium mid-size crossover SUV and the smallest of its kind produced in 2006.
  • Ford Escape a compact SUV, of which a hybrid version was brought out in 2004 making it the first of its kind
  • Ford Expedition: a full-size SUV introduced in 1997 and which went on to become Ford's flagship SUV. Available in two models.
  • Ford Explorer: a mid-size SUV available in two-door and four-door models.
  • Ford Taurus X: a full-size crossover SUV that used to be known as the Ford Freestyle but was renamed in 2008.

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