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Volvo is a vehicle brand which has been owned by the Ford Motor Company since 1999. The brand originated in Sweden and still incorporates Scandinavian design. The brand principles are safety, design, environment, quality, and excitement.

In a 2008, JD Powers and Associates produced a study on consumer financing satisfaction in which Volvo's financing department scored below average for lease vehicles. The study took feedback on different brands from almost 28,000 customers. It rated the application approval process, customer contact, billing procedures, and provider offerings of a number of different car companies.

Lease Offers Directly From Volvo

Volvo offers a number of lease options directly to customers. These include an advance payment lease, in which a customer can pay the total sum of the lease in one upfront payment. They also offer a multiple security deposit option, so customers can put down up to nine security deposits and lower their monthly payments. In one program, Volvo also offers odd-number leases where customers can choose a length of lease that differs from the traditional lengths. Their college graduate option offers special financing for recent recipients of a Bachelor's degree.

Volvo Models Currently in Production

Volvo has several categories of car models. These include sedan, versatility, cross country, and coupe/convertible vehicles. The following are the models in each category:

  • Sedans: S40, S80
  • Versatility: V50, V70
  • Cross Country: XC60, XC70, XC90
  • Coupe/convertible: C30, C70

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